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About BrunchFinder team

For us, it’s not about paid content but easy access to information. We have spent hours together and individually trying to find the best option for entertainment and got fed up with complaining. Started to act and Brunch Finder was born. This website is free for people to use and curate the content.

BrunchFiner values:

Be Authentic: Draw from own experience

Show that we listen: Use tags that came out of our research and user feedback

Be Inclusive: Make no exception to which brunch to include

KISS: We believe in keep things simple

A community built on trust

All the content that is shown on BrunchFinder website is sourced from publicly accessible websites and social media. All done with the best intentions to serve a community. Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more.

We love to collaborate, tell us if you want to help

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